Vacuum system
Blower SIAV 822
Configuration: Drived with transfer case
3800 CFM with 28”hg

Model:  Asybco / Tremcar for Dry and liquid truckmounted
Capacity:  3200 Imperial Gallons + 3%
Material:  Heads 5/16’’ & 1/4” Shell in stell with Stainless steel sheet at bottom
Design:  25 PSI
Temperature:  -20°F to 200°F
Valves:  6” Sliding gate in Stainless steel(Succion and discharge line)
Door and lift system:  20 tons hydraulic cylinder with full rear opening door
Security: Bumper, instinguisher, Ground cable, Pressure vent
Filtration:  20″ Primary with 10″ SS float ball & Cyclone
Level indicator:  Stainless steel Arrow with float ball
Catwalk:  11,75’’ in Stainless Steel at 10 O’Clock full lenght with safety railing
Varia:  Vibrator, Tool box 24’’ x 24’’ x 30’’, 4 work lamps LED, Hose Tray, Light bar at rear(Arrow) at rear.
Options:  Boom, Bag house